Faith and Public Policy

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Faith and Public Policy by Lois Wilson (2007) 
ISBN 978-0-9582880-5-7
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"When Freedoms Collide" is the theme of a series of public meetings during the visit to New Zealand by the Very Rev The Hon, Dr Lois Wilson from May 5-23, 2007. The theme integrates her specialist areas of human rights and religious diversity. Lois's very long career as a Human Rights activist includes being the first woman Moderator of the United Church of Canada, first Canadian President of the World Council of Churches; first woman Chancellor of Lakehead University. She has authored 6 books. 
This lecture, given on May 11, 2007 addresses the sub-theme: "Faith and Public Policy". 
As a Canadian Senator she led many international delegations to China, Sudan and North Korea. She also founded the Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights. 
She is currently the Chair of the Canada-DPR (North) Korea Association committed to mutal understanding between the two countries. She is the mother of 4 and grandmother of 12. She received the Order of Canada in 1984.