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Many of the lectures given under the auspices of the St. Andrew’s Trust for the study of Religion and Society are available in book form, along with audio CDs, then many DVDs. The available titles can be found in the menu. Click for details about a publication and how to order.

So long as an item is in stock it may be ordered or purchased. For each publication, these conditions apply:

All prices are in $NZ and include GST;
Prices are for small quantities. If you are interested in larger quantities (5 or more) then please send an email to the administrator with sufficient details to provide you with a price.
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Audio Files

As an appetite stimulant we offer some free to download audio files which can be access from the Free Downloads page

  • Achieving Equality Helen Clark, then Prime Minister of New Zealand, April 2001
  •  Nothing new under the sun Phyllis Trible, to a SATRS audience, June 2002
  • The Journey of the Evolutionary God: Henryk Skolimowski, March 2000
  • Does Society Need Religion: Lloyd Geering, October 1998
  • Love, Lloyd Geering, May 2004
  • Making Meaning, Finding Health: James Stuart, April 1999
  • The Priority of Wisdom. Lloyd Geering, September 2002
  • Reforming Christianity Bishop John Spong, July 2001
  • Relevance of Buddhism Stephen Batchelor, December 2010
  • Relevance of Christianity Lloyd Geering, December 2010
  • The Kingdom of God, Lloyd Geering, May 2004
  • What Makes Good Sex "Good", Marvin Ellison, March 2011