Encounters of a Jewish kind

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Encounters of a Jewish Kind by Rabbi Michael Abraham (1997) N/A N/A N/A Click
Jewish history is filled with the concept of encounter. From the challenge of God to Abraham to go forth and establish a new religion, through the fateful meeting at the burning bush in which God appears to Moses, to the encounter between the people and God at Sinai which truly begins the history of the Jewish people; the religion of Judaism is replete with the idea of such meetings. How do these events shape the life of today's Jew? How do they form the nature of the Jewish religion? To explore such ideas will help us to understand Judaism in today's world.
  1. The Jewish People
  2. The Jew Encounters History
  3. The Jew Encounters God
  4. The Jew Encounters Ethics
Note: Tapes of this series were made but have been lost. This entry has been retained in the hope that they may be found.