Atuatanga: Radical Indigenous Theology

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Atuatanga: Radical Indigenous Theology by Eru Potaka-Dewes (2003) N/A $20 2 Click Here
CD 1: Jesus and Atuatanga
The speaker Eru Potaku-Dewes, Dean of the Maori Theological College, Rotorua, addresses the questions which he puts to new students of Atuatanga.
  1. Did God come to Aotearoa [only] with the [arrival of] the Bible and missionaries?
  2. Did Gid exist in Aotearoa before the Bible and missionaries?
  3. What differences are there between the God of the Bible and the God of the tipuna [ancestors]?
  4. What is Atuatanga?
  5. Where does Jesus fit into Atuatanga?

CD 2: Te Titiri: Creation and Atuatanga
The speaker shows why the Treaty of Waitangi is the "spiritual Magna Carta" of this country.