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Life is full of choices: politicians, partners, work ... everything! Are we the sum of our choices? How do we make wise choices?


Monday September 1 • 12:15–1pm • St Andrew’s on The Terrace

Progressive spirituality – Boldly Doubting, Still

Dr Val Webb

Val Webb 2012Although doubt is encouraged in most disciplines, in religion we have been expected to abandon all creative thinking and ‘just believe’, blaming ourselves for any doubts we may have.

This is more about authority and belief systems than about faith, and – as in all other disciplines – tantalising carrots enticing us to richer experiences. Rather than being the enemies of dogma and the preying forces of evil, doubt is the harbinger of hope.

Just as with each doubt investigated a scientist anticipates new discoveries, in this lecture Val Webb invites you to boldly go where other cannot – into uncertainty.

Val Webb writes for those who calls themselves spiritual rather than religious, those disenchanted with organised religion, and those simply fascinated with the human search for meaning. The author of ten books, her latest is In Defence of Doubt: An Invitation to Adventure.

* There is no charge for admission to this lecture – we welcome your donations / koha.


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