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Emeritus Professor Sir Lloyd Geering is launching his latest book

Witness to Change, Reflections on Reaching 100

Steele Roberts Aotearoa Publishers 2018

This book starts with the address Lloyd gave at the luncheon to celebrate his 100th birthday and then proceeds to narrate the many changes he has witnessed during his lifetime. This is followed by a collection of addresses and sermons in which he discusses the changes that took place in Christian thought and practice during the 20th century, as a result of which his own thinking also underwent a radical change, It concludes with a sketch of the life of 'God' from conception to death.

Book Lunch to be held on Friday 17 August in Conference rooms 1 & 2 on the second floor of the St Andrew's Conference Centre (elevator available for those who need it) starting at 6pm.


Paradise Lost, Paradise Restored?

Friday June 22nd ad Saturday June 23rd

The recent SATRS seminar had as its context Lloyd Geering’s book for the trust on the Greening of Christianity and specifically the challenge of Lloyd’s 10 resolutions that are focussed on:

  • Adopting an attitude of wonder and reverence towards the world
  • Developing a philosophy of care for the world
  • Building a society-wide altruism & community towards the globalised world.

We heard a set of exceptionally good presentations that covered both the personal – how we can act in the world and the political – how public institutions can deliver the outcomes that are the representation of people’s values (rather than other things like the needs of corporations or other vested interests.) On the personal side of the ledger St Andrew’s Minister Rev. Dr Susan Jones spoke about the biggest difference in Christianity being between those whose world view is individual compared with those whose context is imperial. Asst Professor Niki Harré from Auckland University reprised her work on the Infinite Game - the game that speaks to our ultimate values and contrasted it with the many times we are caught up in finite games that set limits and can, if we are not careful, come to frame our reality. On Saturday Professor Paul Morris talked about the new physics and the way that comes to focus on forces between rather than objects – a rich analogy for the impacts we have on, and the ways that we change each other through relationship. In the afternoon we heard from psychologist Nick Laurence who used ethics and mindfulness as a way of framing means to address the kinds of relationships we can aim for.

On the governance side lawyer Andrew Butler reprised his work on the constitution and described how a formal written constitution could support a healthy environment and Professor Jonathan Boston spoke about how government needs to build skills in the area of anticipatory governance when considering how it legislates and spends in order to deliver just outcomes for future generations. Deputy Mayor Jill Day spoke about the role of Wellington City Council in supporting bicultural development including through the support of a city-wide Māori Language strategy and the elevation of Matariki as a time of celebration. We also heard briefly from Richard Keller who read some passages from Wendell Berry’s The Unsettling of America a book that describes the current problems with and the possibility of a fundamentally different attitude towards agriculture and the land. On Saturday afternoon we heard from Rev. Dr Rosalind Jiko McIntosh about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Nadia Webster spoke of some of the innovative work taking place in the NZ government to encode legislation in a way that it can be both read and parsed by computers. The speakers were bracketed by poems chosen by Susan Jones and beautifully read by trust members Pat Booth and Geraldine Coats. The day and a half seminar was a rich feast of ideas. The people I spoke to left tired but inspired and for some the seminar was a useful introduction to the Progressive Christianity Conference which ST Andrews is hosting on 7-9 September.

Podcasts of the addresses will be available soon.


Progressive Spirituality Conference

2018 Conference

CreationEcology, Theology, Revolution

Friday 7 – Sunday 9 September 2018
St Andrew’s on The Terrace, Wellington

Common Ground 2018
Aotearoa New Zealand’s 3rd Progressive Spirituality Conference

Guest Speakers
Prof Martin Manning
Dr Emily Colgan
Matthew Mataamua
Hon Grant Robertson MP

Workshop presenters
Jim Cunningham
Sande Ramage
Bronwyn White
plus Labyrinth and guided local tours

Detailed information on registering, catering, accommodation & transport.

Registration options

Conference Programme draft as at May 2018

Conference working group: 
Rev Dr Susan Jones (Convenor), Geraldine Coats, Ray Coats, Peter Cowley, Jim Cunningham, Maxine Cunningham, Pam Fuller, Adrian Skelton and Bronwyn White (Secretary)

Conference page on Facebook

Got Conference related questions? Contact Bronwyn at progressivechristianitynz@gmail.com

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Sea of Faith Conference


Conference 2018 will be held at Silverstream Retreat

2nd - 4th November

Title: Religion for a sustainable future

Keynote Speakers are:

  • Sir Lloyd Geering
  • Charles Waldegrave
  • Byron Rangiwai
  • Barbara Peddle

Registration forms, programme and latest newsletter available from Pete at prcowley@gmail.com