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August 2016


Science, Spirituality and the Importance of Not Knowing 

Tuesday 16 August, 12:15 to 1pm, St Andrew's on The Terrace

Elizabeth Connor

1504 by the sea 2015Precis: Science and spirituality are usually pegged on opposite sides of a great divide. There are the debates of creationism versus evolution; traditional healing versus mainstream medicine; the ‘evils’ of genetic modification versus the ‘sacredness’ of nature. Elizabeth thinks these polarised debates cause more damage than good. In this talk she will present her vision, in which scientists, artists and mystics join forces as rebel explorers to tackle the biggest baddest issues facing humanity.
“The unknown is the most important part of science and spirituality,” she says. “. Let’s face it. There is so much more that we don’t know than what we do. Unless we find a way to feel comfortable in the unknown and work with it, we have no chance of tackling major issues like climate change, social collapse, war, hunger, overpopulation.
Both science and spirituality give us tools to face the unknown and discover meaning in it.”
In her talk Elizabeth will tackle such questions as:
- what is the essense of science?
- is science living up to its role in society?
- Is religion still important in this increasingly secular and globalised world?

Bio: When Elizabeth Connor was fourteen she had a dream of starting a renaissance that would reunite science, spirituality and the arts and spread across the world reconciling conflicts. Now, almost twenty years later, her plan is roughly the same.

She now directs The KinShip, a Wellington-based consultancy, which uses storytelling and other creative tools to help scientists, council staff and other groups to collaborate across sectors and communities. She has worked with regional council staff working in freshwater management, helped postgraduate scientists connect with industry, directed Magnificent Science Variety Shows combining science with dance, theatre and music, run storytelling competitions for scientists and produced reports, podcasts, publications and performances.

Elizabeth has a Masters in Science Communication from Imperial College in London and an Honours degree in Physics and Maths from Victoria University of Wellington. Her mentor was the late great kiwi scientist, Sir Paul Callaghan, who has been a great inspiration and kicked off her career. With Paul's support she was awarded the inaugural NZ Prime Minister's Science Communication Prize.


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