Unless otherwise noted, events take place in the church of St. Andrew’s on The Terrace, 30 The Terrace, Wellington, New Zealand from 12:15pm to about 1pm

Generally there’s is no charge for admission and we welcome your donations/dana/koha

Upcoming events for 2017

NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, our Lectures will now be on a Thursday starting at the new time of 12:30 and running to 2pm

March to June - Human flourishing / July to November the Courage to Act


As part of a review of the Trust during 2016, it was decided that we focus our study activities based on the idea that the trust will “be a catalyst for transforming religion and society to be more compassionate and accepting”.

The plans for the coming year are focussed around 2 weekend conferences and a series of associated lunchtime meetings. In the first half of the year the theme is on Human Flourishing and from July on the Courage to Act. There will be a number of invited speakers and an opportunity for participants to develop and discuss the topics they introduce in greater detail. People who take part will be encouraged to identify and act to develop the elements of flourishing and courage in our lives and communities.


Overview -  Human Flourishing: March to June 2017

GDP is high and some say we have a rock-star economy but does that translate into human well-being? For many of the things that are truly valuable to our humanity there is a paradox. Often the most valuable elements can be hard to justify with a purely economic viewpoint such as studying the humanities or investment in museums, arts and culture. In contrast those things like love and connection can are generally not subject to the transactional or the money economy no matter how plentiful the money is.


12:30 - 2:00pm Thursday June 15

The art & science of human encounter – Theodore Taptiklis

Precis: In public life a long slow march has begun away from individualism and towards collaborative group practice. But efforts so far have revealed how ill-prepared we are to truly recognise each other, and to make proper use of each other's talents in our daily interactions. Our work at Human Methods Lab seeks to open us up to the detailed reality of our influences upon one another, and then to help us to channel these influences in helpful and productive directions. This approach values our differences, and starts to bring a new language of understanding and coherence to our shared efforts.

Bio: I’m dedicated to creating and deploying methods for people to recognise, relate to and learn to work strongly with one another.

After 25 years in the artifice of the corporate world, I looked for ways for us to sense and make sense of our differences together.

My search led first to storytelling and listening and by degrees to Enspiral and to Loomio, now my home.

Other events on in Wellington

"Keeping Faith in Politics” Election 2017 Series

Can we believe in politics

Download the series poster


Liberation and Restoration in a World of Mass Incarceration
29 June, 7:00pm Refreshments, 7:30pm Panel discussion
Venue: Central Baptist Church (Boulcott Street - CBD)
- Chris Marshall (Victoria University of Wellington, Restorative Justice Programme)
- Tom Noakes-Duncan (Victoria University of Wellington, Restorative Justice Programme)
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Welcoming Strangers in a World of Global Migration
27 July, more details soon

Honest Leadership in a Post-Truth World
A Hustings Event with MP's from the Major Parties
31 August, 6:00pm Panel discussion
Venue: St. Andrews on the Terrace (30 The Terrace - CBD)
Members and Ministers of Parliament TBA
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Also part of the Reformation commemorations, I can give advanced notice of a public lecture by Wolfgang Huber on theme “The Spirit of the Reformation and the Future of the Market Economy.”  It is on the evening of the 11th May St John’s in the City (Willis Street) With a soft start at 6:00 for refreshments. The lecture will follow at 6:30pm.