Images of the City


The city is the culminating image of human society as portrayed in the Bible. From the Garden to the Tower of Babel, mankind progresses through many phases of evolution always looking to the vision of the New Jerusalem as the fulfilment of the community of creation. 

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In this series of lectures entitled Images of The City, Lloyd Geering opens out the different images as reflected in the metropolis of today. Given during the weeks up to Easter 1984, they brought together our secular situation and biblical understanding.

This is the initial series of lectures given by Lloyd Geering for the St Andrew’s Trust for the Study of Religion and Society. The aims of the Trust include exploring ‘The inter-relatedness of spiritual and human values within the activities of society’ and ‘Clarifying and working for the most worthwhile goals for our human future’. The Trust is now glad to be able to make available to a much wider audience what was so much appreciated by those who first heard them in St Andrew’s.

Rev John Murray, Chairman of the Trust (1984)


1) The Wicked City

2) The Secular City

3) The Doomed City

4) The Eternal City


First published in booklet form in 1984.

ISBN 0-9597726-0-X