Lloyd Geering v2

Emeritus Professor Sir Lloyd Geering is launching his latest book

Witness to Change,

Reflections on Reaching 100

Lloyd Geering

Steele Roberts Aotearoa Publishers 2018

This book starts with the address Lloyd gave at the luncheon to celebrate his 100th birthday and then proceeds to narrate the many changes he has witnessed during his lifetime. This is followed by a collection of addresses and sermons in which he discusses the changes that took place in Christian thought and practice during the 20th century, as a result of which his own thinking also underwent a radical change, It concludes with a sketch of the life of 'God' from conception to death.

Book Lunch to be held on Friday 17 August in Conference rooms 1 & 2 on the second floor of the St Andrew's Conference Centre (elevator available for those who need it) starting at 6pm.