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Too many new stories - which one do we tell?  - Nigel Leaves  (12 Nov 2013)


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Nigel LeavesPostmodernity has let not one but many genies out of the bottle. Following Nietzsche there is not ‘One Truth’ but many ‘truths’. Likewise, there is not one new story but many new stories. Indeed, even within ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ Christianity there is a huge divergence as to what story should be told.
In this lecture Nigel Leaves will outline the new Christian stories that are being promoted today, asking whether all these stories are permissible, how we decide between them, and what effect this choice has on our understanding of ‘God’, ‘the Church’ and ‘the future of religion’.

Nigel Leaves is on the staff of St Francis Theological College and Canon of St John’s Anglican Cathedral, Brisbane, Australia where he is responsible for adult theological education. He is also Academic Associate of Charles Sturt University, teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
Nigel is passionate about bridging the gap between what is taught in the Academy and preached in the churches, concerned that theology should be both honest and appropriate to the cultural situation in which it is situated.
Fearful that truthful ‘God-talk’ has been sidelined from ordinary conversation, he enjoins us to be more creative in our engagement with postmodernity.