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The Evolution of Thought - series of four lectures by Professor Lloyd Geering (2013).  This series followes the second half of Lloyd Geerings book From the Big Bang to God and follow on from the first series of lectures entitled Evolution:The Real Genesis.

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In July 2013 Emeritus Professor Lloyd Geering gave a series of lectures below:

July 9 Noogenesis – Emergence of the Thought World

July 16 Theogenesis – The Emergence of the Gods

July 23 Homogemesis – Humankind Comes of Age

July 30 Can Humans Play God?

We humans live in two worlds: The physical universe (whose evolution from the big bang to the arrival of homo sapiens was covered in the last series entitled Evolution: The Real Genesis) and the world of human thought (which humans have constructed in the last 50,000 years).

It is through the lens of this latter world that we view, come to understand, and make our response to the physical universe of which we are a part.

This series sketches the evolution of this second world from the invention of language to the ‘death of God’ and the new responsibilities we now find ourselves facing.