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Religion and Society: The Sermon of Samuel Marsden (9 Dec 2014)    Length 33:59 -

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Richard RandersonThe Rt Rev Richard Randerson and Dr Geoff Troughton, In Conversation with Noel Cheer, will discuss the event of Christmas Day 1814 in which Bishop Samuel Marsden preached to Maori in Northland. He wrote in his journal it being Christmas Day, I preached from the second chapter of St. Luke's Gospel, and tenth verse: 'Behold! I bring you glad tidings of great joy."



The Rt Rev Richard Randerson



Geoff Troughton


 Dr Geoff Troughton


Later this month there will be celebrations in the Bay of Islands to mark the sermon delivered by Bishop Marsden on Christmas Day two hundred years ago.  Our nation’s history has been blessed by the juxtaposition of religion and society – a clear path links Bishop Marsden with the Treaty of Waitangi twenty-five years later.

The Māori people already living in Aotearoa New Zealand – the tangata whenua – sensed both opportunity and danger in missionary activity.  But, happily, that quarter-century saw the establishment of the roots of Christianity in Aotearoa New Zealand and the beginning of a durable bi-cultural system.