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How FREE is Free Speech? (Human Rights Commissioner Mr David Rutherford)

(3 March 2015)


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David RutherfordMr David Rutherford, Chief Human Rights Commissioner, will be holding an in-depth conversation on Free Speech.

The recent massacre of staff of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris has reminded us of the wide range of standards applied to the question of how free can free speech be, especially in the context of satire.

In an attempt to offer a balanced view, we have invited our Chief Human Rights commissioner, David Rutherford, to clarify for us the standards required by the law in New Zealand.

The Human Rights Commissioner helps New Zealanders to know and realise the human rights of themselves and others. The first of its two main functions is to advocate and promote respect for human rights, of which freedom of expression is commonly seen to be one. The second function is to encourage harmonious relations between diverse people in New Zealand society.

Having established the New Zealand position, the Conversation will look at overseas conditions which include recent tragic events and to ask whether there can be reconciliation between human rights in general and free speech in particular.


Noel-Cheer.pngThe interviewer, Noel Cheer, is a long-term member of the Board of St Andrew's Trust for the study of Religion and Society. He has recently completed a seven-year series of half-hour interviews on Auckland's Triangle Television.