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Evolution: The real Genesis - series of four lectures by Professor Sir Lloyd Geering (2012)

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In June 2012 Emeritus Professor Lloyd Geering gave a series of lectures below:

June 12: Cosmogenesis - The Emergence of the Universe.

June 19: Geogenesis - The Emergence of the Earth.

June 26: Biogenesis - The Emergence of Life.

July 3: Anthropogenesis - The Emergence of Humankind.

How did we come to be here? Was there really a big bang? Are we here by design, or through a succession of accidents?

However you look at this, it’s a miracle we are here at all. In this series of talks, Lloyd Geering will sketch how modern scientists have been revealing the story of how we humans came to be here on planet earth, superseding the stories told by priests, prophets and the Holy Scriptures of old.

What a mind-boggling story it is, full of chance events and cosmic catastrophes! Professor Geering will show how the more humans understand our common origin and our close relationship with this earth, the more we will be motivated to work in unity to counter successfully our current global problems.