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Can Christianity and Buddhism Remain Relevant for the 21st Century? a panel discussion (2010) -

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On November 5, 2010, Lloyd Geering and Stephen Batchelor were brought together to exchange views on the ongoing relevance of the paths of faith that they both promote and criticise.

With the discussion billed as "Can Christianlty and Buddhism remain relevant in the 21st Century", Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies at Victoria University Wellington and retired Presbyterian Parish Minister, Lloyd Geering, and Buddhist teacher and former monk, Stephen Batchelor, came together on 5th November 2010 to exchange views on the ongoing relevance of the paths which they each promote and criticise.

Drawing on the names of books for which the are justly well-known, the chairperson, Noel Cheer, characterised the discussion as "Christianity Without God" meets "Buddhism Without Beliefs".

After the speakers surprise everyone with the degree of their unanimity, the evening concludes with questions from a lively Wellington Audience.

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Both an audio CD and a video DVD were made and are available at, respectively $10 and $20. Listen to short audio excerpts of Stephen Batchelor and Lloyd Geering.