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God and The New Physics by Lloyd Geering (1995)

ISBN: 0-9598011-6-2 (Print)

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Lloyd Geering takes on a considerable task as he seeks to explore the human place in light of Einstein's theory of relativity, Schrodinger's paradox, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, and even Dana Zohar's "quantum hussy'. He journeys from the physics of the physical world to what can be called the physics of consciousness, and demonstrates that there is an emerging affinity between the insights of modern quantum physics and the religious mysticism of thinkers such as Meister Eckhart and Martin Buber.
  1. Is the Cosmos Greater Than God?;
  2. Does God Pay Dice With The Atom?;
  3. How Conscious is the Universe?;
  4. Was the Universe made for Us?