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Fundamentalism — the challenge to the secular world by Lloyd Geering (2003)   ISBN: 0-9583645-7-5 $5 N/A N/A
Fundamentalism has become such a powerful force that it threatens the peace and harmony of humankind, not only within nations, but also globally. In this 60-page book, Lloyd Geering argues that in challenging the secular world in the way they do, fundamentalists actually distort the faiths they set out to champion.

In four chapter, Professor Geering analyses the Christian, Muslim and Jewish versions of fundamentalism, sketching their roots and explaining why fundamentalists set their face against modern human values such as tolerance and equality — and why at times they resort to violence and terrorism to further their ends.

Lloyd Geering is a special lecturer for The St Andrews Trust for the Study of Religion and Society in Wellington.

  • Fundamentalism — its roots
  • Fundamentalism — distorting religion
  • Fundamentalism — endangering our future
  • Fundamentalism — how do we respond?

The full text is available to read on-line HERE