These are primarily early lectures produced as printed booklets, but there are also some books that the trust has stocks of for sale

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Books by or about Lloyd Geering not produced by the Study Trust

  • Reimagining God (Polbridge Press) $30
  • The Geering interviews (Polbridge Press) $30

Booklets from lectures produced by the Study Trust - all cost $5.00 each

  • A Single New Humanity: the Detribalising of Society
  • About Time
  • Creating God, Re-Creating Christ
  • Creating the New Ethic
  • Crisis in the Christian Way
  • Does Society Need Religion?
  • Encounter with Evil
  • Frontiers of Faith
  • Fundamentalism — the challenge to the secular world
  • God and The New Physics
  • Human Destiny
  • Images of the City
  • In Praise of the Secular
  • Is Christianity Going Anywhere?
  • Jesus Rediscovered
  • Machines, Computers and People
  • Making Meaning, Finding Health
  • New Idols for Old
  • On Becoming Human
  • Paradise on Earth
  • Relativity: Key to Human Self Understanding
  • Religious Trailblazers
  • Rethinking Religion
  • Sacrifice in a Secular World
  • Science, Religion and Technology
  • The Birth of Jesus: History or Myth
  • The Greening of Christianity
  • The Many Faces of Christ
  • The World of Relation
  • Who Owns The Holy Land?