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The Journey of Wisdom by Lloyd Geering (2002) N/A $20 2
Humankind has entered a radically new phase in the evolution of human culture. It has been called the Second Axial Period, in relation to the First Axial Period, which resulted in the great World Religions.

These lectures, after sketching the nature of the Second Axial Period, attempt to show how the secular global world is related to the Judeo-Christian culture out of which it has evolved. In particular, they show that there has long been within our past culture a strand which prized human wisdom. Today we need wisdom even more than knowledge.

Since these lectures are closely related to Professor Geering's book Christianity without God they will not be published in book form. But as they contain new material also, CDs of the series are available.


  1. Wisdom's Journey: beyond the supernatural
  2. Human Wisdom as old as Solomon
  3. Jesus the wise
  4. Wisdom beyond the knowledge age [Hear an MP3 audio clip.]