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The Journey of Evolutionary God by Henryk Skolimowski (2000) N/A $20 2
Henryk Skolimowski is Professor of Ecological Philosophy at The University of Lodz, Poland. He has been at the forefront of ecological philosophy in action for 25 years. Eco-philosophy, he believes, is the foundation for sane ecological thinking and sustainable action. He also teaches and advocates a life style congruent with an age of frugality and an emerging world of universal justice. The thrust of his work is to heal and save planet Earth.

The basis of Henryk Skolimowski's work is his belief in evolutionary progress. He sees most of the world's religions as being incomplete in their understanding of the world but thinks old beliefs can be built on to encompass new ways of understanding spiritual and evolutionary processes.

Of Christianity he says, "There is a way of incorporating the Christo-Genesis into the evolutionary design, namely by treating Jesus not as God, a point of final destination and of ultimate strivings, but as a symbol, as an inspiration, as a reminder that even at this stage in our development we are capable of so much grace and divinity."

  • Lecture 1: "The Wound" (Introduced Prof. Lloyd Geering)
  • Lecture 2: "The Rise and Decline of Religion from the Perspective of the Goddess"
  • Lecture 3: "The Creative Cosmos Contains Creative Gods"
  • Lecture 4: "The Yoga for Enlightenment" and supplementary questions: Becoming, Grace, Death [Audio Excerpt—mp3]