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The Jesus We Never Knew by Greg Jenks, David Boulton and John Bell (2009)

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The Scholars' View    ISBN: 978-0-9864502-1-1
Dr. Greg Jenks who is an Anglican Priest and is currently serving as Academic Dean and Lecturer in Biblical Studies at St Francis Theological College in Brisbane spoke to the title Putting Jesus in his PlaceIt asked "What we are learning about the places where Jesus lived and how we keep alive the dangerous memory of Jesus in the places where we live."

David Boulton wrote Who on Earth was Jesus? The Modern Quest for the Jesus of History which was credited by Marcus Borg as "The best and most thorough account of the breadth and variety of historical Jesus scholarship. Lively, informed, fair, and highly recommended." His lecture asked "Is Jesus still worth standing up for? What can a pre-modern Iron Age teacher have to say to a post-modern Space Age generation? Does Jesus matter any more?"

These two lectures are recorded on a single CD and are offered at $10 + p&p

The View from Iona   ISBN: 978-0-9864502-2-8
John Bell is a hymn-writer, a Church of Scotland minister, a member of the lona Community, a broadcaster, and former student activist. He works throughout the world, often lecturing in theological colleges in the UK and the US, but is primarily concerned with the renewal of congregational worship at the grass roots level. His seminar was titled: "Things They Never Told Me About Jesus: exploring his attitude to women, family life, humour, etc."

John provided two lectures (68 and 74 minutes) illustrated with modern hymns. His entire seminar is available on this 2-CD set for $20 + p&p