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The Ethics of Life by Rabbi Abraham, Rev. Jim Stuart, Rehanna Ali, and Panel Discussion chaired by Prof. Lloyd Geering. N/A $20 2
How should we live as we enter the new millennium? What principle and values will guide us as we face the increasing complexity of a global society? We are faced with ethical dilemmas, choices and responsibilities that were unimaginable one hundred years ago.

In this series of lectures, representatives of three major religious traditions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, sketch out what they believe to be the guiding ethical premises of their religious traditions, and address selected life-issues of our time.

  1. The Ethics of Life: Judaism, Rabbi Dr. Michael Abraham
  2. The Ethics of Life: Christianity The Rev. Dr. James Stuart [MP3 excerpt]
  3. The Ethics of Life: Islam Rehanna M. Y. Ali
  4. The Ethics of Life and The Sanctity of Marriage: Panel Discussion chaired by Professor Lloyd Geering