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Seeking the Sacred in a Multi-Faith World (2011)

ISBN: 978-0-987-6553-4-9

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“From earliest times, people have asked the same questions and come up with different answers depending on their time, place and world view. The big question has been "Is there Something More and can we make contact with that Something?"

Dr. Val WebbVal Webb is a preeminent Australian progressive theologian. She was a keynote speaker at the Common Dreams Progressive Religion Conference in Melbourne last year where her lectures received high acclaim.Val's latest book is called "Stepping out with the Sacred" and the lecture will be based around the theme of the book.

Today, our doctor may be Muslim, our lawyer Jewish and our best friend Buddhist, a plurality of encounters multiplied by global travel and politics. In my last book Like Catching Water in a Net, I discussed how humans have described the Divine. This companion book describes how humans have engaged the Divine across religions and centuries, through rituals, art, sacred places, language and song.I have included my own experiences, both personal and observed through travel in many countries, meandering along winding trails, talking over the fence and drinking wine with strangers, both literally and figuratively.  I have also drawn on centuries of theology, literature and travel writing. conscious that, to engage the Sacred-beyond-description, we need all the stories we can find, even if only to remind us of the distance still to go and the limitless (and sometimes unsuccessful) journey. As a teacher of world religions and art, and an artist myself, I have tried to create a woven-together, reader-friendly, vividly-painted, theologically reflective reading experience.


The complete lecture can be read here.