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Nothing New Under The Sun by Phyllis Trible (2002) N/A $20 2
Subtitling her 2002 Geering Lecture series, "Ancient Tensions Erupting in a Post-Modern World" Professor Trible demonstrates that many of the conflicts that characterise the contemporary world embody ancient enmities about race, ethnicity, class, gender, religion, and land. These enmities live on in stories that are passed from generation to generation, across centuries and cultures. These stories shape, challenge and disturb efforts to understand and redeem the times in which we live.

No publication is planned but a CD copy of the lectures is available for purchase.

  1. "In The Beginning, dysfunctional families: the legacy of Abraham". Preceded by an introduction from Rev. Dr. Margaret Mayman.
  2. "When women count ... and don't: Miriam and the Book of Numbers"
  3. "Spin Doctors: When Elijah becomes Jezebel"
  4. "A Dog's Dinner: Jesus Eats His Words." With a vote of Thanks by Lloyd Geering.

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