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Nine Eleven and The War on Terror by Jim Veitch (2008)

ISBN: 978-0-9582880-9-5

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“At that time seven years ago there was a suggestion that something major was bound to happen sooner rather than later. But when and where was unknown. One consistent factor based on previous incidents had however made it clear that the attacks would likely be against United States interests somewhere in the world — but an attack in the United States — that was still off the radar screen.”

“ ... ways need to be found to conclude the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and of solving the near 30 year standoff between the United States and Iran. Ways need to be found to solve the conflict between Israel and the Arab world. We need an alternative to oil, or at least agreements to divide out the oil as it declines, in equitable ways, while scientists look for suitable and long lasting replacements.”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. James Veitch, School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington 
jim.veitch@vuw.ac.nz, 11 September 2008