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Mapping Mary Magdalene by Elaine Wainwright and Philip Culbertson (2007)
ISBN 978-0-9582880-4-0
N/A $10 1
Dr Elaine Wainwright is inaugural Professor of Theology and Head of the School of Theology at the University of Auckland. She is an expert on healing and gender in Graeco-Roman society and the early Christian world. Her most recent book, Women healing; He aling women, has just been published by Equinox.

Dr. Philip Culbertson is Director of Pastoral Studies at St John's Theological College, and a faculty member in the School Of Theology at Auckland University. A native of the U.S., Philip is an ordained Episcopalian priest and also a psychotherapist. He i s the author of 8 books.

Together they teach a course on The Bible in Popular Culture at Auckland University.

These two lectures deal with the figure of Mary Magdalene in popular culture.