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LIBERATION! by Rev. Dr. Margaret Mayman (2011) 

ISBN: 978-0-09876553-2-5

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Lecture 1: Liberation and Compassionate Action

Being a person of Spirit means thinking about what you hold valuable and living according to your values. Progressive Christians are people who are making Christian tradition real and meaningful in the 21st century. What are the resources we need for a journey of life lived well in just community with others on the planet? It’s about head, heart and hands.


Lecture 2: Liberation and Safer Spirituality

The institutional church is both obsessed with sex and terrified by it. Almost everything the church has to say about sex is framed by as a list of rules. This lecture will explore how we got into this situation by examining historical sources of sex-negative Christianity. It will develop ideas for surviving and thriving using resources of faith and culture.


Rev Dr Margaret Mayman ... is Minister of St Andrew's on The Terrace in Wellington, New Zealand, and is the chair of the St Andrew's Trust for the Study of Religion and Society.